Itinerary 1 - A Tale of two islands

3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS  (12-hour navigation) 

Why choosing between Italy and France for your vacation when you can have both? Close in geography but somehow a world apart Sardinia and Corsica share a bond that runs deep. They are both unspoilt islands with a truly striking natural beauty that is evident in the gorgeous beaches, rugged mountainous landscapes and the breathtaking granite cliffs. And both of the islands exude that distinctive Mediterranean scent known as maquis (or macchia in Italian), a fragrant mixture of wild herbs and flowers that wafts out to sea to ensnare the senses of sailors like a cloud of heady perfume. A new marvel will disclose to your eyes every day spent onboard, cuddled by the crew and enjoying the best restaurants and most charming marinas. All you have to do is be there.


Day 1: departure from Porto Cervo, visit to the archipelago of La Maddalena: Caprera, Santo Stefano, La Maddalena Island, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria. Lunch at guests' discretion, overnight in Cala Gavetta (La Maddalena). Dinner at the restaurant in La Maddalena.

Day 2: Departure from Cala Gavetta heading South: visit of the French islands of Lavezzi, Cavallo and Isola Piana. Lunch at guests' discretion and overnight in Bonifacio. Dinner at the restaurant in Bonifacio.

Day 3: Departure from Bonifacio with a visit of the last bays and beaches in the South of Corsica: the Fazzuolo Island, Cala di Paragnano, return to Porto Cervo coasting Spargi Island, Capo d'Orso and Isola dei Cappuccini.


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3 DAYS / 2 NIGHTS  (12-hour navigation)

Why choosing between Italy and France for your…

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